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Computational model exam

you can get Computational mid & final model exam and worksheet

from Samy copy house 


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Computational exam extends to Tuesday

Computational exam extends to Tuesday Jan. 1, 2013

in the afternoon at 2:00PM (8:00 local time) in our class room

you can get computational methods worksheet at Samy copy house

each six chapters has one exam equation


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Computational Methods Final Exam

Computational  Methods ECEG-2102

Final Exam on Monday Dec. 31, 2012

in the afternoon at 2:00PM (8:00 local time) in our class room

the exam covers all 6 chapters

wish you good luck

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Electromagnetic Fields Exam extends to Sunday

Electromagnetic Fields ECEG-2210

Exam extends to Sunday Dec. 23, 2012

in the morning

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Computing class @ 1:00PM

Computing class @ 1:00PM (7:00 at local time)

today Dec. 15, 2012

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Applied Modern Physics Mid Exam Extends

Applied Modern Physics Mid Exam Extends to Wednesday December 26, 2012

we will have a class on Sundays

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Today we have computing class

we have computing class Today Thursday  Dec. 13, 2012

we don’t have field class today we will have on Wednesday

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