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course materials are available from Gmail account &

CD & Hard copies also available at Samy copy house

all in One(lecture note, slides, reference, text books , animation and Video )


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we don’t have a class on

Wednesday, Friday and Sunday morning

for a few weeks and we have OOP(Java) class on Tuesday.

please note that on Saturday & Sunday lab class to bring preparation for both &

do your Machine assignment I & II

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No class today

Wednesday 20/03/2013 we don’t have a class

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Digital Logic Saturday Class

Digital Logic Saturday Class at 2:00PM(8:00local time) in the afternoon

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MACHINE & OOP Class Schedule change

Dear All,

We will have MACHINE class on SUNDAY MORNING and OOP class will be held on TUESDAY. You can use MACHINE’S schedule for other classes on the coming three weeks so that we can use theirs’ later around the end of the semester if someone finishes early.

Best Regards,
Dawit H.

Sunday morning at 9:00AM(3:00 local time)

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first year electrical student registration is on the coming Saturday 16/03/2013

Add and drop are extended

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Introduction to Electrical Machines

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