Enterprneurship Develping a Business Plan Assignment

Dears All,

Present your ‘Business Plan’ in the format that is most appropriate. The report should be 25 – 30 A4 pages, excluding appendices.
This assignment carries 30 – 40 percents of the total marks for the course.
This mark will be evaluated in progress report, presentation and submitted paper.
Due Date :    December 31, 2015.  Please submit 1 hard copy of the report, along with a soft copy (CD).



Attached with this email, please find the other slides for remaining chapters. Find also the assignment instructions and other relevant samples of a business plan. It is not mandatory to follow exactly as the samples are prepared. But all essential components of a business plan need to be well incorporated.

I have assigned some of the first groups with the book reading assignment (See attachment). The book given to you “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is distributed to eight groups. The remaining groups will be assigned with another book. All group members are expected to read chapter assigned to them in detail and further capitalize on it for the presentation from different sources. Presenter will be selected during the presentation date. The presentation date will be communicated to you in class.

Enterprneurship courseout line
1st Chapter Entrepreneurship
2nd Chapter Business Plan
3rd Chapter Forms of Ownership
4th Chapter Marketing Research and Financial Plan
5th Chapter Intellectual Property and other Legal issues
BP Assignment
business plan guid line and examples
Sample Business Plan Outline
Group Assignment


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